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Fairchild Intros FDS4770/80/4470/80/4672A MOSFETs

Fairchild Semiconductor International (San Jose, CA) introduced the FDS4770, FDS4470, FDS4780, FDS4480 and the FDS4672A n-channel 40V MOSFETs for dc/dc conversion that are suitable for power supply designs for laptop, computer VRM, telecom, datacom/router and other portable/hand-held applications.

The 40V MOSFETs offer extended avalanche energy capability for rugged operation, a reliability advantage in applications with high transient voltage activity or operating modes where MOSFETs are subjected to increased stress. Depending on the input and output voltages demanded by a particular application, the MOSFETs can be used as synchronous rectifiers or as primary or high-side switches in isolated and non-isolated power supply designs.

The FDS4470 features a low gate charge that makes it efficient at high frequencies. The FDS4480 offers an alternative RDS(on) versus gate charge trade off. The FDS4672A also offers a lower threshold voltage for low gate drive applications. The FDS4780 is a lower on-resistance version of the FDS4480 with the same gate charge for the best RDS(on) versus Qg figure of merit.

Samples and production quantities are available now. The FDS4770 is priced at $1.95, the FDS4470 at $1.41, the FDS4780 at $1.65, the FDS4480 at $0.96, and the FDS4672AUS at $0.96 for 1,000 pieces. Delivery is in eight weeks ARO.

Fairchild Semiconductor International
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