8A Limit Protection ICs with Built-In OTP for 1-Cell Lithium Batteries

ON Semiconductor has introduced a new protection ICs for lithium batteries. LC06511DMX/LC06514DMX is a protection IC for 1 cell lithium−ion or lithium−polymer battery with built-in OTP. Both provide highly accurate adjustable over−charge, over−discharge, over−current protection with adjustable detection delay via over-temperature protection. Current is detected using a high-precision external chip resistor, which achieves accurate current detection over temperature. End products for the protection ICs include smartphones, tablets, and wearables. (See typical application circuit above).

Both models feature a small package, thereby reducing the space of PCB. They feature an over-charge detection voltage of 4.1V to 4.55V (5mV steps). They have an over-charge release hysteresis 0V to 0.2V (0V, 0.1V, 0.15V, 0.2V). Their over-discharge detection voltage ranges from 2.0V to 3.3V (50mV step), and their over-discharge release hysteresis is 0.0V, 0.2V, 0.3V, or 0.4V.

LC06511DMX has a discharge over-current detection voltage that ranges from 13mV to 70mV (1mV step). LC06514DMX  features a discharge over-current detection voltage of 23mV to 70mV (1mV step).

Both have a short-current detection voltage of 50mV to 150mV (10mV step). Their Charge Over current detection voltage ranges from -70mV to -3mV (-1mV step). They have an over-discharge detection delay time 32ms, 64ms, 128ms, and 256ms, and have a discharge over-current detection delay time of 18ms, 16ms, 2048ms, and 3482ms.

  • Highly accurate detection voltage/current
  • Prevention of fire, over-heating
  • Follow UL standard of 8A limit.
  • Built-in OTP function
  • Over charge detection voltage 4.1V to 4.55V (5mV steps)
  • Over charge release hysteresis 0V to 0.2V (0V, 0.1V, 0.15V, 0.2V)
  • Over discharge detection voltage2 0V to 3.3V (50mV step)
  • Over discharge release hysteresis2 0.0V, 0.2V, 0.3V, 0.4V
  • Discharge Over current detection voltage1 3mV to 70mV (1mV step)
  • Discharge Over current detection voltage2 3mV to 70mV (1mV step)
  • Short current detection voltage 50mV to 150mV (10mV step)
  • Charge Over current detection voltage -70mV to -3mV (-1mV step)
  • Over-discharge detection delay time 32ms, 64ms, 128ms, 256ms
  • Discharge over-current detection delay time 18ms, 16ms, 2048ms, 3482ms
ON Semiconductor Corp.
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