2017 Holiday Gift Ideas

85Whr Battery Pack with Built-in Inverter + USB Power Ports

2017 Holiday Gift Ideas – Romeo Power Technology has introduced Saber, a new personal power pack designed to recharge any digital device at full speed – including MacBook Pros. The company’s first consumer product is based on the same Power Technology used in Romeo’s electric vehicle and stationary battery packs and is now available for preorder. Saber can charge up to four devices at one time, with no additional accessories required.

“Saber is like having a wall socket in your pocket,” said Dion Isselhardt, Romeo Power Technology’s chief product officer. “We created Saber to be the most advanced power pack available that gets you out the door faster than anyone else, and with a life-proof design so consumers can have power wherever life takes them.”

In contrast, other portable charging products available until now are not optimized for life on the go. They feature slow charge times, are fragile, often need compatibility accessories, and come with safety concerns limiting where the power pack can be taken or what it can charge.

Offering 86 Watt-hours of power, Saber fully charges in two hours and will then recharge most laptops twice, a tablet two- to four-times or a phone more than 10 times, with a single charge. With its built-in inverter technology, the Saber power pack features a Variable AC, USB-C and two USB ports and can charge any device 90 Watts or less – from a drone or DSLR camera to a mobile phone or 15-inch 85-Watt MacBook Pro.

Engineered for performance, at 2.2 pounds Saber offers a lightweight, durable design that provides full-speed charging anywhere – whether it’s on an airplane, on the road, hiking through humid terrain, or on the table at the local coffee shop.

Saber is FAA- and TSA-approved and its vent-free body is ultra drop and shockproof as well as dust and water resistant (IPX67), allowing consumers to use Romeo’s power pack in any climate. Powered by Romeo’s Battery Management System, and featuring a built-in inverter and advanced thermal technology,

Saber is designed with multiple safety gates in place across both the firmware and hardware and a SafeCharge feature that knows what is plugged in and auto-adjusts output power for rapid, worry-free charging.

Its compact design is easy to take on the go, comfortably fitting into the water bottle holder of a backpack, travel bag or purse. The Saber app, that will be available on iOS and Android at ship, provides real-time information about the device, including charge status, port usage, and safety notifications.

Saber comes in black, red or blue and retails for $299, with a pre-order price of $199. Saber is planned to ship ahead of the holidays.

“No other portable power pack comes close to Saber’s features, durability, and good looks,” said Michael Patterson, Romeo Power Technology founder, and CEO. “Yet, for all of its superior technology and engineering advancements, Saber can be summed up in one simple word: Freedom.”

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