80V n-channel UltraFET

Intersil Corp. (Melbourne, FL) recently announced a new 80V n-channel UltraFET. The power MOSFET is designed for industrial, communications and consumer markets. According to the company, the HUF75545 is an 80V, 75A MOSFET with one of the lowest on resistance per unit area of silicon at 8.2 milliohms (10 milliohms maximum). The device is designed to withstand high energy in the avalanche mode and also features low gate charge, fast recovery time, and a lower QPR (reverse body diode charge) for applications that require faster switching speeds and improved efficiency. In UPS applications, this family of products is intended for operation in 48V battery systems. In the industrial market, the HUF75545 is used in power conversion applications such as off-line UPSs, dc/ac inverters and dc/dc converters. It can also be used in motor control applications such as forklifts, electric wheel chairs and golf carts. In the communications market, the device is designed for dc/dc power supplies, while in the consumer market, Class D audio amplifiers implement the HUF75545. The HUF75545 is currently available in TO-220 (HUF75545P3) and TO-263 (HUF75545S3S) packages with pricing at $3.50 each in quantities of 1,000.

Intersil Corp.
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