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800Vin, 1.6kW Bidirectional Isolated DC-DC Delivers SELV Outputs

Vicor has introduced the 800V BCM4414, a 1.6kW, isolated, 1/16 fixed-ratio, bus converter module (BCM®). It can operate from a 500V to 800V input voltage and can deliver SELV output voltages with 97% peak efficiency. The new 800V module complements Vicor’s existing 700V BCM4414, to make a product family with bidirectional voltage conversion capability and reinforced isolation (4.2kVdc).

The BCM can be paralleled into higher power arrays, and the SELV outputs can be stacked (connected in series) for higher output voltages. Both BCMs are available in a 111mm x 36mm x 9.3mm VIA™ (Vicor Integrated Adapter) package. Along with integrated PMBus™ communication, the device has EMI filtering, and voltage-transient protection.

The VIA’s planar form factor package simplifies heat management and easily interfaces to a broad range of cooling technologies. The BCMs are available in either M-Grade (-55˚C to 100°C) or T-Grade (-40˚C to 100˚C).

High-Voltage BCM family

This high-voltage BCM family meets the demands of increased density and performance in high-voltage dc transmission systems for tethered unmanned vehicles and in industrial and military 3-phase ac power supplies.

Using Vicor resonant Sine Amplitude Converter™ (SAC) topology, UHV BCMs take advantage of high-frequency Zero-Voltage Switching (ZVS) and Zero-Current Switching (ZCS) to deliver what Vicor describes as unmatched efficiency and power density with low noise and fast transient response.

The low ac impedance, which is beyond the bandwidth of most downstream regulators, enables bulk capacitance, normally positioned at the input of a regulator, to be placed at the high-voltage input to the BCM. This positioning reduces the bulk capacitance requirement and saves on board area and reduces system cost.

Available in a range of power levels with various package options, Vicor says that UHV BCMs offer unmatched performance to meet the demanding requirements of modern power system designs.

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Features and Benefits
  • 400V to 700V or 500 to 800V input
  • High peak efficiency: Up to 97%
  • High power density: Up to 700W/in³
  • Parallel inputs and outputs for high-powered arrays
  • Connect outputs in series for higher output voltages
  • VIA Package
    • Available in chassis- or PCB-mount form-factor
    • Simplifies thermal design
    • Provides integrated filtering
    • Available with PMBus® Communication
  • Bidirectional capability
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