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7500 ION three-phase digital power meter

Power Measurement Ltd. (Saanichton, BC) recently announced the introduction of the 7500 ION three-phase digital power meter. According to Power Measurement, the meter features a user-friendly interface, an easy-to-read display, and a full range of built-in communications options. The company also claims the 7500 ION offers a unique combination of power-quality features and high accuracy (exceeding ANSI 12.20 specifications) in a compact panel-mount design. The 7500 ION has an on-screen menu designed to guide the user through a series of configuration, diagnostics, and data display functions, and the display provides access to polyphase voltage, current, energy, harmonics, and recent power quality events. Each meter is factory pre-configured for many tasks including time-of-use, 4-quadrant energy and demand, line and transformer loss compensation, and interval data. According to Power Measurement, extensive power quality monitoring capabilities include waveform recording, sag/swell monitoring, and individual harmonics measurement to the 63rd order. The company also claims that high sampling rates (128 samples per cycle) enable high detailed waveform recording, while the 1/2 cycle setpoint response allows capture of short duration events for alarming and control. Beyond the full range of three-phase power, energy, and demand measurements, the device includes an additional input to monitor neutral-ground voltage, and two inputs to monitor neutral and ground current. The basic model 7500 ION meter also includes eight digital inputs and seven relay outputs (three mechanical, four solid state). The device is currently available.

Power Measurement Ltd.
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