600V E-Mode GaN Power Transistor offers Fast Turn On/Off with Minimum Loses

The IGT60R190D1S CoolGaN™ 600V e-mode power transistor from Infineon delivers fast turn-on and turn-off speed, minimum switching losses and enables simple half bridge topologies with highest efficiency. The gallium nitride CoolGaN™ 600V series is qualified according to a comprehensive GaN-tailored qualification well beyond existing standards.

It addresses datacom and server and telecom power supplies, as well as adapter, charger, wireless charging and numerous other applications that demand highest efficiency or power density.

Using the IGT60R190D1S can: improve system efficiency; improve power density; enable higher operating frequency; reduce system costs; and reduce electromagnetic interference.

Summary of features:

  • Enhancement mode transistor - normally OFF switch
  • Ultra fast switching
  • No reverse-recovery charge
  • Capable of reverse conduction
  • Low gate charge, low output charge
  • Superior commutation ruggedness
  • Qualified for standard grade applications according to JEDEC
CoolGaN™ Technology

CoolGaN™ is a high-performance transistor technology for power conversion in the voltage range up to 600V. The active region of the transistor is fabricated using GaN and AlGaN semiconductor materials grown on top of a Si substrate. The lateral transistor structure features very low gate and output charge, fast switching, and no body diode or reverse recovery charge.

As a result of these characteristics, CoolGaN™ transistors can be used to design very high-efficiency and high-frequency power-conversion circuits, especially in topologies like half-bridge where conventional Si MOSFETs do not perform well because of their very large reverse recovery charge.

A native GaN transistor has a depletion-mode gate, meaning it has a normally on characteristic, making it unsuitable for power electronic applications by itself. By adding a p-type gate, however, the threshold voltage is increased from a negative to a positive voltage, thus making an enhancement-mode (normally off) transistor.

Infineon's CoolGaN™ is made with a self-clamping p-gate structure that additionally solves the problem of gate Over Voltage (OV) sensitivity found in reverse-Schottky p-gate GaN transistors manufactured by others. The following sections give more detail about the device structure and performance characteristics, and compare these transistors to conventional superjunction (SJ) MOSFETs.

Infineon Technologies AG
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