60mm Thyristor/Diode Modules for Economical, Higher Power, and Larger Power Modules

Infineon Technologies Bipolar redesigned its product portfolio of 60 mm thyristor/diode modules with pressure contact technology. The new Eco Block family addresses the demand for cost-efficient, higher power, and larger power modules for battery chargers, windmills, and static and bypass switches.

Additionally, the modules are said to be ideal for soft starters and can operate as rectifiers for drives and uninterruptable power supplies. Due to its higher junction temperature, the company is targeting applications with air-cooled designs.

The Eco Block modules offer all critical functions and use pressure contact technology while stripping down costly extras. According to Infineon, the modules deliver best-in-class thyristor and diode blocking stability leading to high reliability and an outstanding lifetime.

The pressure contact technology ensures a short-on-fail feature, which in return prevents arcing. This feature can simplify safety designs in terms of unit shielding and fusing effort. The company offers the new 60 mm modules with a high overload capability. Combined, these features help to minimize failure rates and reduce system cost. Infineon claims that with its established reliability and functionality, the Eco Block provides the best value for the money for a 60mm pressure contact module.

The new 60mm Eco Block family with pressure contact technology is available in high quantities. All Eco Block modules are offered in the topologies of thyristor/thyristor and thyristor/diode with a blocking voltage of 1600V or 2200V and with current ratings from 420A to 630A.

The company plans to release additional module types in 70mm during 2019. To get an optimized performance and to keep customer´s production fast and clean, the next portfolio extension for the thrysistor modules will include pre-applied Thermal Interface Material (TIM).

Primary Features

  • Complete re-design of our proven pressure contact technology
  • Short-on-fail capability
  • Best-in-class dc blocking capability
  • Higher operational temperature
  • Standard housing dimensions

Key Benefits

  • Best power-to-price ratio
  • Reduced failure & system costs
  • Predictable performance over entire lifetime
  • Slim, sustainable and environmentally friendly
  • Ready for safety applications
  • Easy mounting & Faster time-to-market

More information about Infineon’s Eco Block family is available at

Infineon Technologies Bipolar GmbH & Co. KG
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