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5A/10A, 120V Toroid Isolation Transformer with Fast Acting Fuse

Torus Power introduced the PowerBlock PB 5 and PB 10, which are ultra-compact and portable toroid power transformers, and the most affordable products in the Torus line-up. They provide 5A and 10A of output respectively at 120V.

Applications for PB 5 is suitable for compact systems, source components, TVs or projectors. Whereas PB 10 is suitable for mid-power AV systems, featuring isolation between outlet pairs

The rugged construction and compact footprint of new PowerBlock models make them convenient for use in most any situation. Torus says that they look sharp on any floor surface, on or near a component shelf, or can be located where space is at a premium.

Torus PowerBlock PB 5 & PB 10 models come with a replaceable fast acting fuse measuring 5mm x 20mm on the input side of the unit.

PB 10 model

The PB5 model features 2 duplex outlets while the PB 10 version has 4 duplex outlets.

Both models will shut down if the internal unit temperature reaches excessive levels. PowerBlock models provide basic circuit protection with Transient Voltage Surge Suppression (TVSS). Both models offer noise filtering, feature high instantaneous current capability and provide lightning and surge protection.

PB 5 measures 152mm X 125mm X 232mm (6in X 4.9in X 9.2in), and PB 10 is 152mm X 125mm X 424mm (6in X 4.9in X 16.7in).

Torus Power urges those interested to contact the company for special mounting requirements.

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  • Noise Filtering
  • High Instantaneous Current Capability
  • Lightning and Surge Protection
  • Number of Outlets PB 5 (2 duplex) and PB 10 (4 duplex)
  • Size: PB 5 is 152mm X 125mm X 232mm ( 6in X 4.9in X 9.2in), and PB 10 is 152mm X 125mm X 424mm ( 6in X 4.9in X 16.7in)
  • Input: 120Vac
  • Output: 120Vac, 5A/10A
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