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GaN Enables 504W Power Supply Module to be 28 Percent Smaller

Transphorm confirmed that TDK-Lambda, a group company of TDK, released its first GaN-based ac-dc power supply. The full function 504W rated PFH500F-28 is the company’s latest generation ac-dc baseplate cooled power supply module. Further, the power module is the latest Transphorm customer product to demonstrate the high voltage GaN advantages, increasing efficiency by 5 percent in a 28 percent smaller package over the previous PFE500F series.

TDK-Lambda’s PFH500F-28 power supply is a low-profile power module delivering 28 Volts of output power designed for varied harsh environment applications, commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) power supplies, custom fanless power supplies, traffic signaling, and more. The redesigned standard power module uses a bridgeless totem-pole power factor correction topology to optimize Transphorm’s GaN TPH3206LDG FET in the popular 8×8 PQFN package.

TDK-Lambda Americas Dallas, Texas, led the three-year development project with the help of Transphorm’s application support team which resulted in the GaN-based ac-dc power supply.

Jin He, Vice President of Engineering at TDK-Lambda commented, “Our engineers diligently review new technologies that will benefit our end customers to ensure any new product we release is reliable and a notable advancement over prior models. Our decision to work with Transphorm on our first GaN ac-dc product was based largely on the power semiconductors’ proven quality and reliability as well as the team’s reputation for successful collaboration. Our experience was such that we’ve released the PFH500F-28 with our three-year warranty and are in discussions with Transphorm regarding future projects.”

Advantages of PFH500F-28 over silicon-based predecessor:

  • Power efficiency: up to 92 percent, a 5 percent increase over the PFE500F
  • Power density: 100W/cubic inch, a 30 percent increase over the PFE500F
  • PMBus™ monitoring and programming (read/write)
  • Size reduction: From 122 x 70 x 12.7 to 101.6 x 61 x 13.5mm, a 28 percent reduction
  • Reduced size of external capacitive components
  • Thermal impact: 38 percent reduction in waste heat, requiring less heatsink/cooling than the PFE500F
Transphorm Inc. , TDK-Lambda
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