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50 Most-Read New Product Stories of 2013: 50 to 41

The following is a listing (with links for the full story) of the most read New Product stories on PowerPulse.Net for 2013, thus providing a window into the “pulse” of the trends and interests in the Power Electronics Industry. This is the first article in the series, which will continue tomorrow.

50: GeneSiC Intros High-Voltage Silicon-Carbide Junction Transistors

GeneSiC Semiconductor announced the immediate availability of a family of 1,700V and 1,200V Silicon-Carbide (SiC) junction transistors. Incorporating high-voltage, high-frequency and high-temperature capable SiC, these transistors will increase conversion efficiency and reduce the size/weight/volume of power electronics. These devices are targeted for use in a wide variety of applications including server, telecom and networking power supplies, uninterruptable power supplies, solar inverters, industrial motor control systems, and downhole applications. more

49: Single-Stage LED Drivers Deliver Dimming and Thermal Protection with Lower BOM Cost

iWatt Inc. today launched its latest single-stage, solid state lighting (SSL) LED drivers to address cost, performance and lifetime issues in dimmable bulb replacement applications. Following the introduction of its single-stage LED driver for non-dimmable incandescent bulb replacement applications earlier this year, iWatt is debuting the iW3606 (8W output power) and iW3608 (15W output power), giving LED bulb manufacturers an alternative approach to significantly lower cost and tackle the lifetime and performance issues in dimmable applications. more

48: Allegro Announces New 3A, Automotive Constant-Current LED Driver

Allegro MicroSystems, Inc. has added a new AEC-Q100 qualified device to their existing automotive LED driver portfolio. The A6213 is a single IC, dc-dc, buck switching regulator that provides a constant-current output of up to 3 A to drive high-power LEDs. It integrates a high-side, N-channel, MOSFET switch and includes many new significant advantages in fault protection. This new device features a true automotive design and was developed to target many applications within this market such as map lights, DRL daytime running lights, rear fog lamps, fog lights, cargo and underhood lamps as well as puddle and emergency lights. more

47: Improved Tandem Diodes from STMicro Offered as Economical Alternative to SiC

STMicroelectronics NV has unveiled its second-generation of tandem diodes, which enable designers to cost-effectively enhance the energy efficiency of equipment such as power supplies, solar inverters, and e-transportation charging points. Compared to first-generation devices, the new diodes have even lower reverse-recovery charge (QRR) to minimize switching losses, further extending their efficiency advantage over standard ultrafast diodes. The lower QRR also speeds up the fine-tuning of circuit designs, enabling faster time to market. more

46: Transphorm Releases First JEDEC-Qualified 600V GaN-on-Silicon Power Devices

Transphorm Inc. today announced the Total GaN family of GaN (Gallium Nitride) on silicon transistors and diodes, establishing the world's first JEDEC-qualified 600 V GaN device platform. This marks a significant milestone in the broad adoption of GaN-based power electronics in power supplies and adapters, PV inverters for solar panels, motor drives, as well as power conversion for electric vehicles. Based on Transphorm's patented, high-performance EZ-GaN technology, the TPH3006PS GaN high electron mobility transistor (HEMT) combines low switching and conduction losses to reduce energy loss by 50 percent compared to conventional silicon-based power conversion designs. more

45: Molded Metal-Element Current Sense Resistors Operate up to 275 Degrees C

The MR Series from Stackpole Electronics, Inc. is a through-hole current sensing resistor series with a metal element in a molded package. The inherently non-inductive metal element provides resistance values down to 5 milliohm with TCR as low as 50 ppm per degree C. The molded element allows for high speed placement where conformal coated wirewounds may have difficulty. In addition, the MR Series has an operating temperature range up to 275 degrees C allowing its use in many types of high temperature industrial applications and in various types of engine controls. Other popular applications include medical applications, lighting, metering, audio, robotics, motion and laser controls. more

44: 1-W 0805 Metal-Plate Current-Sense Resistors Now Available

KOA Speer Electronics has introduced the TLR2A, a 1-Watt, 0805-size metal-plate resistor. The new TLR2A resistor offers the ability to use a smaller component, while maintaining a high power rating. KOA Speer's TLR series resistors are constructed with metal alloy, providing superior corrosion and heat resistance and feature non-trimming construction with excellent pulse resistance. more

43: Infineon Uses Co-Developed TO 247-4 Four-Pin Package for CoolMOS Power FETs

Infineon Technologies AG today introduced a TO 247-4 pin package. The added fourth pin acts as a Kelvin source to effectively reduce the parasitic inductance of the source lead of the power MOSFET. The efficiency benefit will be highest in various hard switching topologies such as continuous-conduction mode power factor correction (CCM PFC), boost and two-transistor forward (TTF). more

42: Ohmite Develops an SMD Wirewound Resistor to Handle Over 5W

Using very simple idea from their heatsink designs, Ohmite Manufacturing Co. has developed an SMD wirewound resistor which meets a 5W plus power rating, providing a solution to a problem which has dogged resistor manufacturers for years. In the past, the goal was to use the epoxy molded construction process from which resistor manufacturers derived all other power ratings (0.60-3.5 watts), but the task was not as easy as it appeared and testing showed that the 5W version of such a device would have to be very large, and probably impractical for most users to adopt. more

41: “World’s Smallest” 1.5A Step-Down Converters with Integrated Coil

Torex Semiconductor, Ltd. has developed the XCL213/XCL214 series of step-down "micro dc-dc" converters with integrated coil. The XCL213/XCL214 series is a new series of ultra-small (external dimensions: 2.5mm x 3.2mm x 1.0mm) step-down micro dc-dc converters with integrated coil that achieve a level of miniaturization and profile reduction that Torex believes puts these converters in the world's smallest class for a load current of 1.5A. more

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