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50 Most-Read New Product Stories of 2013: 10 to 1

The following is a listing (with links for the full story) of the most read New Product stories on PowerPulse.Net for 2013, thus providing a window into the “pulse” of the trends and interests in the Power Electronics Industry. This is the final article in the series.

10: Simpler More Robust Architecture targets Li Cell Monitoring and Balancing

ams AG today introduced a simplified and more robust method of implementing cell monitoring and balancing in lithium battery systems. The AS8506 cell monitoring IC eliminates need for complex software and reduces hardware requirements in battery cell management systems. The innovative architecture developed by ams has been implemented in a new, highly-integrated chip to perform distributed cell monitoring and balancing operations for stacked cell modules, including Safe Operating Area (SOA) checks and passive or active cell balancing. It is suited for all lithium-based cell chemistries, such as those found in hybrid and fully electric vehicles, as well as for EDLCs (also known as supercaps or ultracaps). more

9: Three-Phase Inverter with PFC Shrinks and Simplifies Appliance Motor Drive Design

International Rectifier Corp. (IRF) today introduced the IRAM630-1562F Intelligent Power Module (IPM) featuring power factor correction (PFC) and inverter stage. The new IPM shrinks and simplifies design of energy-efficient appliance and light industrial motor drive applications including air conditioners and washing machines. The IRAM630-1562F combines IR's low loss, Trench IGBTs with a three-phase, high-voltage gate drive IC and PFC input stage, integrating more than 30 components into a single compact isolated package. Built-in over-temperature/over-current protection, along with an integrated under-voltage lockout function, and built-in temperature monitor provide for a high level of protection and fail-safe operation. Other integrated features such as bootstrap diodes for the high-side drive function and single polarity power supply simplify the system design while reducing overall cost. more

8: 10-A DC-DC Module in 10mm-square QFN

Texas Instruments, Inc. (TI) today introduced three power management modules to its SIMPLE SWITCHER® family, including the 10-A LMZ31710, which claims the industry's highest power efficiency in the smallest package, up to 50-percent smaller than similar solutions. The easy-to-use power modules drive power-dense applications in a variety of markets including industrial, communications infrastructure, medical, and test and measurement. Used in conjunction with TI's award-winning WEBENCH® online design tool, the power modules simplify dc-dc conversion and speed the design process. more

7: Bosch Claims First Sub-$450 240V EV Charging Station

Bosch Automotive Service Solutions introduces Power Max, the automotive industry's first Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station with a price point of less than $450. The Power Max will retail for roughly half the cost of current EV charging stations, offering 240V charging, and reducing charging time by half while helping customers reduce their need for fossil fuels. more

6: ICCNexergy Adds Line of Lithium-Iron-Phosphate Batteries for Medical Carts

ICCNexergy, Inc. announces the release of the U1LiFe long-life Lithium-Iron-Phosphate (LiFePO4) medical cart battery portfolio. ICCNexergy's U1LiFe battery portfolio is specifically designed for mobile medical cart applications that require longer runtime, faster charge time, consistent power, and longer service life compared to traditional Sealed Lead Acid (SLA) batteries. The entire portfolio is backed by a 3 year limited warranty. more

5: Micropower Fuel Gauge from Maxim Reduces Quiescent Current by 4x and Size by 3x

Maxim Integrated Products, Inc. started the new year with the announcement that it is sampling the MAX17048, claimed to be the industry's simplest low-power fuel gauge for Lithium-ion (Li+) batteries. Operating at only 23uA, this battery fuel gauge uses 4x less power than previous-generation devices and even less in micropower hibernate mode, in which the fuel gauge continues to operate. It needs only one external capacitor, not the multiple external devices of competitive devices, so it simplifies design, shrinks solution size by 3x, and reduces costs. This fuel gauge is ideal for portable battery-powered applications where size, cost, and power are critical, such as smartphones, wireless handsets, and mobile accessories, including Bluetooth® headsets, portable speakers, fitness devices, and Wi-Fi® routers. more

4: Lithium-Ion Batteries with Greater Power Capacity Introduced by Clayton Power

Clayton Power Ap S has launched a new generation of compact 100Ah 12V and 24V lithium-ion batteries. With the new line up to 20 batteries may be connected in parallel to create a 2000Ah battery pack and provide efficient high-capacity power supply in a compact shape. Low weight, fast charging and a lifetime of up to 3000 cycles are some of the benefits of lithium-ion technology. Combined these features make the new compact lithium-ion batteries well-suited for mobile power solutions. more

3: Triple 10A Step-Down µModule Regulator Delivers Full Output up to 67°C

Linear Technology Corp. has launched the LTM4633, a triple-output 10A step-down µModule® (micromodule) regulator in a 15 x 15 x 5.01mm BGA package with integrated heat sink for enhanced heat dissipation. Combined with bypass capacitors and three resistors, the LTM4633 solution fits within 4.5cm on a dual-sided PCB. The LTM4633’s integrated heat sink (previously introduced in the dual 13A LTM4620A) enables each of the three outputs to deliver 10A at 1.8Vout from 12Vin with 88% efficiency at 52°C ambient without any external heat sink or airflow. With an external heat sink and 200LFM airflow, the operating ambient temperature improves to 67°C. more

2: Ericsson Leads with 864W Quarter-Brick and Looks to Possibilities of Digital Control and 1kW

Ericsson Power Modules has announced a second product in its high-power PKMNH platform, the PKM4817NH-PIHS, which employs the company's innovative hybrid regulated topology. The platform is optimized for datacom board applications that have a 5258V system bus distribution and require high-power regulated quarter-brick-format intermediate bus converters. The new PKMNH delivers up to 864W with a power density of 35.6W/cm3 (581W per cubic inch) and follows the PKM4717NH, which was announced earlier this year and offered a power handling capability of 750W. more

1: Electric Double-Layer Caps Featuring Industry-Leading Voltage and Resistance

ROHM Semiconductor has recently announced the development of thin, high-output electric double-layer capacitors (EDLCs) featuring the industry's highest voltage (3.0V). In addition, by reducing various resistance factors an internal resistance of only 25mΩ (at 0.7F) was achieved. In an effort to strengthen its sensor networks ROHM has developed EDLCs, which are expected to serve as auxiliary power supplies. Compared to conventional capacitors, EDLCs provide higher output and larger capacitances in a compact size, and are attracting attention for use as backup power supplies for memory and microcontrollers in control devices such as smart meters and as auxiliary power supplies for flash in digital cameras and camcorders. The demand for high voltage EDLCs is anticipated to increase as mounting space becomes smaller. more

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