475mA to 800mA, 7-Channel LDO with Low Output Noise & High PSRR

Dialog Semiconductor Plc announced its latest configurable mixed-signal integrated circuit (CMIC) device boasting industry-leading low dropout (LDO) regulator performance, the SLG51000. The company says that the SLG51000 has lowest output voltage noise of any programmable multi-channel LDO and the highest power supply rejection ratio (PSRR), making it suitable for powering advanced camera and sensor systems.

Typical applications for the LDO include high-end camera modules, smartphones, digital cameras, security cameras, smart devices with imaging, advanced sensor systems,  and adaptive driver assistance systems.

The SLG51000 surpasses the power performance requirements for such camera and sensor system applications, compared to current market solutions. Current solutions have significantly higher output voltage noise and relatively low PSRR especially at high frequency compared to the SLG51000, according to Dialog Semiconductor.

“Today’s launch of the SLG51000 highlights the success of our CMIC design capabilities following the acquisition of Silego Technology,” said John McDonald, VP of Marketing, CMBU, Dialog Semiconductor. “This CMIC’s advanced features demonstrate Dialog’s excellent power management design strengths coupled with Silego’s proven CMIC platform, characterized by product flexibility, fast support and an awesome GreenPAK(TM) designer software platform. The SLG51000 is one of several key new products in our accelerated business growth strategy moving forward.”

At 1MHz, the company says it offers PSRR of 73dB and produces the lowest output voltage noise of 10µV (rms).

Each of the 7 channels from the LDO regulator delivers from 475mA to 800mA output current, and during shutdown, each channel provides a low quiescent current of less than 1µA for the entire IC.

The company says that this compact power solution reduces board space, while configurable output voltage settings, resources, and sequencing meet multiple project requirements to reduce sourcing, redesign, and qualification time.

With the SLG51000, engineers can make a variety of functions and control logic for applications including fault signaling, custom power sequencing, input conditioning, and glue logic. All of these can be configured graphically with the IC’s GUI-based development software.

“With camera performance becoming one of the key differentiators of high-end smartphones, device manufacturers need to deliver the absolute best image quality from their image sensors within increasingly compact devices and are facing tighter noise budgets as a result. The SLG51000 is cutting-edge when it comes to meeting those noise budgets, with the best LDO performance available for imaging and sensor applications on the market today,” concluded McDonald.

  • Highest PSRR of 73dB at 1MHz
  • Lowest output voltage noise of 10µV (rms)
  • 7 channels of LDOs
  • Output current capability up to 800mA per channel
  • User configurable settings via I2C and OTP including output voltage, sequencing, soft-start timing, and current limit threshold
  • 6 user-defined GPIOs to route available internal and external signals
  • Flexible user-defined supply controller with matrix interconnect logic, GPIOs, and macrocells
  • Small 1.675mm x 2.075mm WLCSP package
  • Exceeds the power performance requirements of newer image sensors to help produce the best image quality
  • Helps system designers meet stringent noise budgets
  • Small integrated power solution replaces 7 discrete channels to reduce board space
  • Configurable Vout settings, sequencing, and resources satisfy multiple project requirements to reduce re-design, sourcing, and qualification
  • Users can create a variety of functions and control logic for applications like power sequencing, fault signaling, input conditioning, and glue logic
  • Unique GUI-based development software enables a completely graphical design configuration process

The SLG51000 is now sampling and will be in production in the second half of 2019.

Dialog Semiconductor Plc
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