450W/600V 3-Phase Inverters for Harsh Environments

Infineon Technologies AG introduced its CIPOS™ Micro IM231 series, a family of 600V-rated intelligent power modules (IPM). The series is qualified for harsh, humid environments, passing 1000 hours of high- voltage, high-temperature, and high-humidity reverse bias (HV H3TRB) stress testing.

For this reason, the energy-efficient IPM suits power appliance motor drives especially in circulator hydronic pumps, drain pumps for washing machines, kitchen hoods, and dishwashers. Additional applications include air-conditioning fans, refrigerator compressors, and motorized blinds.

The CIPOS Micro IM231 series feature the Infineon’s latest motor drive TRENCHSTOP 6 IGBT and optimized switching characteristics for higher efficiency and low EMI.

Infineon says that with 2kV, this IPM offers the highest UL1557-certified isolation voltage in its class.

The series comprises 4A (IM231-M6S1B, IM231-M6T2B) and 6A (IM231-L6S1B, IM231-L6T2B) offerings. For best fit, CIPOS Micro IM231 comes in both, through-hole (THD) and surface mount (SMD) form factors. Built-in UL certified NTC thermistor, anti-shoot-through and accurate over-current protection and fault reporting provide for a smarter system design.

The IPM can be implemented in applications with or without heatsink, pushing power up to 450W.

According to the company, the new IM231 series offers performance, ruggedness, protection, and ease of use. The anti-shoot-through prevents spurious simultaneous turn-on of high- and low-side IGBTs caused by malfunction of the microcontroller or external noise. In addition, the integrated current protection has a high accuracy of +/-5 percent.

Multiple markets ranging from 100Vac to 230Vac can be addressed with the same IPM package and an identical PCB design. This flexibility supports an easy design-in, leading to fast time to market.

  • 600V 3-phase inverter including gate drivers & bootstrap function
  • Low Vce(sat) TRENCHSTOP IGBT6
  • Temperature monitor
  • Accurate overcurrent shutdown (±5%)
  • Fault reporting and programmable fault clear
  • Advanced input filter with shoot-through protection
  • Optimized dV/dt for loss and EMI tradeoffs
  • Open-emitter for single and leg-shunt current sensing
  • 3.3V logic compatible
  • Isolation 2000VRMS, 1min

The CIPOS Micro IM231 series is now available.

Infineon Technologies AG
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