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40 mΩ Dual Channel 1×1.6 mm Load Switches from Silego

Silego Technology, Inc. has introduced the SLG59M1446V, a 40 mΩ dual channel GreenFET3 load switch product based on Silego's proprietary copper power MOSFET advanced geometry process. The SLG59M1446V is a full-featured dual channel load switch packaged in an 8-pin STDFN 1×1.6 mm package. Each channel can be configured and enabled independently. Target applications include mobile devices, space-constrained projects and battery-powered systems.

This device features a linear voltage ramp even under dynamic loading conditions. The ramp rate on each channel independently adjusts using external resistors. The device can switch power rails in the range from 1.0V to 5.0V up to 1A continuous current and 1.5A peak current.

Features of the SLG59M1446V include: Dual Channel – 1.0×1.6mm (8L-STDFN); Maximum IDS: 1A / 1.5A Peak each channel; VD Range: 1.0V to VDD; VDD: 2.5V to 5.25V; Rds(ON): 40mΩ for each channel; IDD (Standby): < 1uA; Configurable turn on time & slew rate for each channel; Integrated discharge resistor; and thermal protection.

Silego Technology Inc.
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