4-A Step-Down Converter with 1% Output Accuracy in 1.5mm × 1.5mm QFN

The TPS6282x from Texas Instruments is a family of synchronous stepdown dc-dc converters with a very low quiescent current of only 4µA. Based on the DCSControl topology, it provides a fast transient response. The internal reference allows to regulate the output voltage down to 0.6V with a high feedback voltage accuracy of 1% over the junction temperature range of -40°C to 125°C.

Specific applications are expected to include solid state drives, portable electronics, video surveillance, industrial PCs, multi-function printers, generic point of loads and similar designs.

The family devices are pin-to-pin and BOM-to-BOM compatible. The entire solution requires a small 470-nH inductor, a single 4.7-µF input capacitor and two 10-µF or single 22-µF output capacitor.

The TPS6282x includes an automatically entered power save mode to maintain high efficiency down to very light loads for extending the system battery runtime. The device features a Power Good signal and an internal soft start circuit. It is able to operate in 100% mode.

For fault protection, it incorporates a HICCUP short circuit protection as well as a thermal shutdown. The device is available in a 6-pin 1.5 x 1.5-mm QFN package, offering the highest power density solution.

Features include:

  • DCS-control topology
  • 1% feedback or output voltage accuracy (full temperature range)
  • Up to 97% efficiency
  • 26mΩ and 25mΩ internal power MOSFETs
  • 2.4- to 5.5-V input voltage range
  • 4µA operating quiescent current
  • 2MHz switching frequency
  • Adjustable output voltage from 0.6 V to 4V
  • Power save mode for light load efficiency
  • 100% duty cycle for lowest dropout
  • Active output discharge
  • Power good output
  • Thermal shutdown protection
  • Hiccup short-circuit protection
Texas Instruments Incorporated
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