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3W Power Supplies Rated for 70 C Eliminate Electrolytic Caps

Electrolytic capacitors are usually a key component for ac-dc switching power supply. However, the shortcomings of electrolytic capacitor are large internal losses, large deviation of electrostatic capacity, high leakage current, and poor high/low temperature characteristic, which cause the low reliability and short lifespan of power products in extreme temperature environment.

Recently, Mornsun launched a new LN series of 3W ac-dc power supplies without electrolytic capacitors. This series solves the problems of poor high/low temperature characteristic and short lifespan of power products caused by the electrolytic capacitor. Mornsun's LN03-12Bxx series of 3W ac-dc converters without electrolytic capacitor meet the standards of EMI Class B without external circuit, surge immunity meets Level 4 standard. The converters offer an input voltage range of 165- to 264Vac or 233- to 370-Vdc and an ultra-wide operating temperature range of -40 to 70 degrees C, and there is no requirement for derating at the range.

The LN series converters solve the problems of short lifespan of power products caused by the electrolytic capacitor, and extend the average lifespan to 1.5 times than the past converters'. The LN series ac-dc converters can be used in LED lighting, instrument and meter, communication and industrial control, and ideal for mining, electric power industry which has high requirements for the reliability and lifespan of the products.

Mornsun Guangzhou Science and Technology Ltd.
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