3kV Diode Module Designed for 1.5kV String-Compatible PV Systems

SanRex has recently developed the DKA40AB300 diode module with a 3000V withstand voltage element that can be used as a “backflow prevention diode” in 1500V string-compatible solar power generation systems.

The company noted that the string voltage of solar modules (voltage of one unit with solar panels connected in series) has increased from 750Vdc to 1000Vdc year by year for the purpose of "improving power generation efficiency" and "reducing equipment costs". To address that trend, SanRex released the diode module DKA40AA220 with a withstand voltage of 2000V that can be used in a 1000Vdc string power generation system.

In recent years, 1500Vdc solar power generation systems have become mainstream, especially in the U.S., which is experiencing strong growth in the mega solar market.

SanRex is the first Japanese manufacturer to develop an ultra-high withstand voltage 3000V and low-loss backflow prevention diode module that meets the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) requirements for use as a backflow prevention diode for 1500Vdc strings. In JIS C 0364-7-712: 2008, the reverse withstand voltage required for the backflow prevention diode is specified to be twice the string voltage.

Summary of Features

  • The diode chip achieves 3000V ultra-high withstand voltage and low loss (low VF) by combining the unique high withstand voltage holding structure and diffusion technology.
  • The “clearance distance”, “creepage distance” and “isolation voltage” required for the 3000V ultra-high voltage module are secured with the newly developed package. In addition, high heat dissipation (low thermal resistance) is achieved.
  • This product complies with the RoHS Directive (2011/65 / EU).
SanRex Corp.
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