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3-Phase PFC Module with SiC Diodes Steps Up Power Density

Vincotech GmbH today extended its product line-up with the flow3xANPFC 1, a new PFC module aimed to help vendors step up efficiency and drive down costs. Vincotech, a supplier of module-based solutions for power electronics, engineered this ultra-compact module to pack a lot of power into a petit housing.

The company stated that its goal with the flow3xANPFC 1is to offer impressive performance at a remarkably low price, the flow3xANPFC 1 line is expected to go a long way towards cutting manufacturers’ overall system costs.

These modules feature unique PFC topology for three-phase applications that deliver up to 10kW. They come with the latest IGBT technology and either ultra-fast Si diodes for cost and efficiency benefits or SiC diodes for higher switching frequencies. Integrated NTCs monitor the temperature; built-in snubbing capacitors reduce EMI and mitigate voltage over-shoot.

Vincotech flow3xANPFC 1 schematic

flow3xANPFC 1 modules ship in compact, low-inductive flow 1 housings that are 12mm in height. Press-fit pins and phase-change material make assembly so much easier, with the latter also improving thermal performance. Both are available upon request.

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