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3-Phase 5kW AC-DC Does Not Require a Neutral Connection

XP Power announced the HPT5K0 series, a range of high-power density, high efficiency, resonant zero-voltage switching (ZVS) 5kW ac-dc power supplies with both medical agency and ITE/industrial approvals that feature a three-phase, three-wire, 180Vac to 528Vac input. The three-phase and three-wire input drastically simplifies installation as it does not require a neutral connection, which is frequently not available in industrial applications.

Through both analog and digital control interafaces, inbuilt digital control allows the setting of both the output voltage (0% to 105%) and output current (0% to 110%).

A graphical user interface supports system development and defines unique user profiles enabling tailoring of the HPT5K0 units to the end application. This tailoring includes signals and controls, without hardware changes, can thereby reduce design time. This tailoring capability also allows the same base unit to be used across multiple applications, driving economies of scale for a reduced cost.

The HPT5K0 series supports I²C, RS232, and RS485 serial buses with multiple digital protocols including PMBus, MODBUS, CANopen, and SCPI, offering flexibility. Full documentation is provided.

In a compact chassis mount package, measuring 13in x 5in x 5in, the supplies offer efficiency levels up to 94% and deliver what the company describes as excellent power density, occupying significantly less space than similar products.

According to XP Power, the supplies are configurable in series or in parallel with full current sharing offering a flexible, high-density and cost-effective building block for developing high power systems up to 25kW with output voltages 48Vdc to 400Vdc.

The HPT5K0 series is suitable for a broad range of technology, industrial, semiconductor fabrication, and medical applications, such as high-power LED applications including UV curing & heating, burn in equipment, lasers, motor controllers, EV charging, industrial printing (2D & 3D), test equipment, medical imaging, and battery simulation.

High-speed output slew rates of <40ms, make them well-suited to demanding test applications. A thermally-controlled fan cools the units with minimal audible noise.

The power supply features active current sharing, remote on/off, remote sense, and a power OK signal. The standby output is available whenever the mains supply is present.

“The HPT5K0 series is so flexible and configurable, yet it delivers high power density and high efficiency in a very cost-effective, powerful unit. It is easy to integrate, and its innovative use of multiple operational modes gives the flexibility that customers need to meet multiple high power application requirements,” said Gary Bocock, Product Director at XP Power.

XP Power designed and qualified the power supplies for EMC immunity in harsh electrical environments. Its emissions are class B for conducted and class A for radiated, ensuring reliable operation and ease of integration, thereby speeding up the process of obtaining system level approvals.

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  • 5000 Watts
  • 3 Phase 180Vac to 528Vac Input – 3-Wire & Earth
  • High Efficiency – up to 94%
  • Programmable Output Voltage (0% to 105%)
  • Programmable Output Current (0% to 110%)
  • Parallel Operation
  • Analog & Digital Interfaces
  • Multiple Digital Protocols – PMBus, CANopen, MODBUS & SCPI
  • Fully Featured Signals & Controls
  • Graphical User Interface (GUI)
  • 3-Year Warranty

The HPT5K0 series is priced at $1210.00 for a one-piece order and is available direct from XP Power. The company backs the power supply with a 3-year warranty.

XP Power plc
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