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3.3kWh/6.5kWh Energy Storage Systems Communicate with Inverters

VARTA debuted its extended “VARTA pulse neo” energy storage system. With the aid of a new operating system, VARTA pulse neo adds numerous functions to the previous generation of the product, especially for smart home operation. The new energy storage system also enables a general function allowing the cascading VARTA energy storage systems across different products.

VARTA pulse neo with new operating system

The compact VARTA pulse energy storage system has been updated. “This is a huge step forward in terms of development,” explained Gordon Clements, General Manager at VARTA Power & Energy. The company’s own linux-based VS-XMS operating system enables many additional functions.

Now, VARTA pulse neo can charge on a forecast basis, and the company says it is even easier to integrate into Smart Home applications.

With the high-power operating system, individual functions can be continuously added via a software update, without impairing the basic functions. According to Clements, “Our customers can add functions from other providers at any time, such as EV-chargers, hot water systems or weather forecast applications. We, therefore, offer our customers and installers a choice, and they are not bound to use one single provider.”

Ready for IoT

So, new software updates can be installed more quickly and easily, and VARTA says that the storage system is equipped for the future demands on the IoT.

VARTA pulse neo like VARTA pulse is available in two performance classes (3.3kWh and 6.5kWh) and both are easily wall mountable. Installation takes just 30 minutes, due to a plug-and-play facility, and the system can be combined with all sources of green energy.

It has a standby consumption of 1.4W, and it is quick to regulate. The storage system is suitable for systems that bundle a high energy density in a small space in a single or dual family home.

As Clements explained, “As a result, anyone can become their own energy provider in their home. And at an attractive starting price, without having to compromise on quality, safety and reliability.”

Connectable to different products

With the new system version, VARTA energy storage systems can be cascaded across different products. For example, VARTA one owners can connect their storage system with a VARTA pulse or VARTA element. The company asserts that All combinations are possible – with the additional VARTA Link hardware.

VARTA pulse neo no longer needs additional hardware. In this case, the VARTA Link is not necessary, and VARTA pulse neo acts as the “master”, taking over the control of the downstream storage systems.

VARTA element update

Another new feature is the VARTA element energy storage system update. The energy storage systems can now communicate directly with inverters, visualize the data, and automatically set a limit if needed (active power limitation).

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