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250W, 270W and 500W AC-DC Power for IT and Medical Systems

N2Power Inc. has announced the availability of three new power supply products. Two of the new products are dual certified with the latest versions of UL69050 & UL60601 certificates for use in both information technology equipment (ITE) and medical equipment. N2Power has also introduced its Optimized Power Systems Manufacturing Service (OPSM). This value-added service aims to reduce the additional purchasing and manufacturing overhead for the complete power supply assembly.

The XLM240 ac-dc series offers 240 Watts of power when cooled by a 10CFM fan. This unit is ultra-compact, with a footprint of just 2″ x 4″ and operating efficiency up to 94%.

The XLM500 ac-dc series is a size up from the XLM240, offering a compact size of 3″ x 5″ footprint. The XLM500 is among the smallest size and highest power density on the market capable of delivering up to 500 Watts of power when cooled by a 30CFM fan.

The XLM240 and XLM500 series can operate up to 50 degrees C in a convection application (without cooling) with de-rating of power. These two power supply series are certified for ITE and medical applications and include single output models of 12-, 15-, 24- and 48-Vdc configurations and are available in open-frame, U-frame and enclosed packaging options.

All models also include a 12 Volt auxiliary output. The XLM240 and XLM500 units offer a lower cost per watt than other comparable units on the market today.

According to Randy Johnson, Vice President of N2Power Sales, “In order to achieve certification for use in medical equipment, the XLM Series is built using robust, high-quality components, resulting in a higher projected MTBF. This makes them an attractive choice for many markets and applications as diverse as broadcast equipment, communications switching systems, unattended payment stations, medical and dental devices and many more applications.”

Additionally, N2Power has introduced the XL270 ac-dc series is a “truly digital” power supply with state of the art digital controllers and features a compact 2″x 4″ footprint with an intelligent current-sharing feature on all output models of 12-, 24-, 48- and 56-Vdc output configurations.

This power supply uses two digital signal processors to control the unit’s operations such as output voltage, output current, and other self-diagnostic features. The current-sharing feature allows scalability and redundancy to the OEM customer sharing up to four (4) XL270 (>1,000W’s of power) in as little as a 4″ x 8″ space.

“Finally, in our quest to provide increased and cost-effective value to our customers, N2Power has announced its Optimized Power Systems Manufacturing Service. With the company’s core competencies in both electrical and mechanical design and development, N2Power is now offering complete custom power assembly or sub-assembly solutions for their products,” commented Johnson.

“This service sets a new standard for working with OEM customers, providing them simplified bills of material (BOM’s) and a peace of mind that comes from knowing that component obsolescence is handled transparently.

“I am very excited about our new value-add service capabilities. We are striving to act as the OEM manufacturing partner for their power solutions and relieve them of the burden of purchasing from multiple vendors, storing numerous components and staging parts for further assembly. The OEM is still responsible for all the mechanical drawings, parts approval (BOM) and specification for the power assembly while N2Power would provide the finished product solution for approval. It is a ‘win-win’ for both the OEM and N2Power in regards to Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) to the OEM and developing a long-term customer for N2Power,” Johnson concluded.

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