250V Power MOSFETS for Light Electric Vehicles

IXYS Corporation announced a new power semiconductor product line: 250V Ultra-Junction X3-Class HiPerFET™ Power MOSFETs. With on-resistances and gate charges as low as 4.5 milliohms and 21 nanocoulombs, respectively, these devices enable highest power densities and energy efficiencies in a wide variety of high-speed power conversion applications.

Developed using a charge compensation principle and proprietary process technology, the new MOSFETs claim the best-in-class Figure of Merit (FOM: on-resistance times gate charge) which translates into lowest conduction and switching losses. They exhibit the lowest on-state resistances in the industry (5 milliohms in the TO-264 package and 4.5 milliohms in the SOT-227, for instance).

The fast intrinsic body diodes (HiPerFETs™) of the MOSFETs display very soft recovery characteristics, minimizing voltage overshoots and electromagnetic interference (EMI), especially in half or full-bridge topologies. With low reverse recovery charge and time, the diodes are capable of removing all the leftover energies during high-speed switching to avoid device failure and achieve high efficiency.

Additionally, these new devices are avalanche capable and exhibit a superior dv/dt performance.  They are robust against device failure caused by voltage spikes and accidental turn-on of parasitic bipolar transistors inherent in the MOSFET structure. As such, these rugged devices require fewer snubbers and can be used in both hard and soft switching power converters.

Well suited applications include battery chargers for light electric vehicles (LEVs), synchronous rectification in switching power supplies, motor control, dc-dc converters, uninterruptible power supplies, electric forklifts, Class-D audio amplifiers, and telecom systems.

The new 250V X3-Class Power MOSFETs with HiPerFET™ body diodes are available in the following international standard size packages: TO-3P, TO-220 (overmolded or standard), TO-247, PLUS247, TO-252, TO-263, TO-264, TO-268HV, SOT-227. Some example part numbers include IXFA60N25X3, IXFP80N25X3, IXFT170N25X3HV and IXFK240N25X3, with current ratings of 60A, 80A, 170A, and 240A, respectively.

IXYS Corp.
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