25-mOhm / 1700-V SiC Transistors

GeneSiC Semiconductor today announces the immediate availability of a family of low on-resistance 1700V and 1200V SiC Junction Transistors in TO-247 packages. The use of high-voltage, high-frequency, high-temperature and low on-resistance capable SiC Junction Transistors will increase conversion efficiency and reduce the size/weight/volume of power electronics applications requiring higher bus voltages. These devices are targeted for use in a wide variety of applications including dc microgrids, vehicle fast chargers, server, telecom and networking power supplies, uninterruptable power supplies, solar inverters, wind power systems, and industrial motor control systems.

The 1700-V SiC junction transistors released include: 25 mOhms (GA50JT17-247), 65 mOhms (GA16JT17-247), 220 mOhms (GA04JT17-247); Current Gain (hFE) >90; Tjmax = 175 degrees C; and Turn On/Off, Rise/Fall Times 90; Tjmax = 175 degrees C; and Turn On/Off, Rise/Fall Times 100), highly stable and robust performance as compared to other SiC switches. GeneSiC's SJTs offer extremely low conduction losses at rated currents as superior turn-off losses in power circuits. Utilizing the unique device and fabrication innovations, GeneSiC's Transistor products help designers achieve a more robust solution," said Dr. Ranbir Singh, President of GeneSiC Semiconductor.

SiC Junction Transistors (SJT) offered by GeneSiC exhibit ultra-fast switching capability (similar to that of SiC MOSFETs), a square reverse biased safe operation area (RBSOA), as well as temperature-independent transient energy losses and switching times. These switches are gate-oxide free, normally-off, exhibit positive temperature co-efficient of on-resistance, and are capable of being driven by commercially gate drivers, unlike other SiC switches. Unique advantages of the SJT in contrast to other SiC switches is its higher long term reliability, >10 usec short circuit capability, and superior avalanche capability.

GeneSiC Semiconductor
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