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240W AC-DC Solves Challenging Cooling Issues

SL Power Electronics announced its LB240, the newest family of ac-dc power supplies for LED lighting and audio/video applications. The LB240 is a highly-efficient single-output power supply that is designed for high-intensity entertainment applications, such as stage lighting and audio/video control systems, due to its ability to operate efficiently in any cooling condition and/or tight space. Meeting global requirements, the LB240 addresses the designer’s need for flexibility and high efficiency, delivering 240W of convention-cooled power in a compact, 3″ x 5″ x 1.3″ package. Smallest in their class, the new models feature a universal input of 100 to 240Vac and 56V, 48V and 24V output voltage.

"LED lighting and audio/video equipment designers face many challenges, but none more difficult than heat management," said Maggie Nadjmi, product manager for SL Power Electronics. "The task of cooling LEDs and the supporting components such as a power supply in a reliable way is tedious and can be overwhelming. The LB240 product family is designed to easily conform to cooling methods required by the designer while providing multiple ratings under convection, conduction and fan cooled. In addition, our new LB240 power supply is designed to cost effectively meet EMC requirements for global applications."

The LB240 is designed to operate in a wide-temperature range from -10 to 70 degrees °C with -40 degrees C startup, providing optimum thermal performance. Meeting EN55015 standard for Electro Magnetic Compatibility (EMC) immunity and Class B Conducted EMI, the LB240 power supply's EMI filter saves precious space and cost overhead. The LB240 also meets IEC61000-3-2 Class C for 0% to 100% LED dimming applications (1Watt input to full load) as well as the low-leakage current requirements for the Canadian market and certified to the EN60950 2nd Edition safety standard for global applications.

Featuring a three-year warranty, the RoHS compliant LB240 models have more than 438,000 hours of lifetime expectancy operating at 25 degrees C. Available now through SL Power's extensive distribution sales channels, OEM pricing starts at $75 each for 500 piece orders.

SL Power Electronics Corp.
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