20V/25V Conductive Polymer Aluminum Electrolytics with 20000Hr Lifetime

Nichicon Corporation added 20V and 25V rated variants of its PCL series. The new variants of the chip-type conductive polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors make the line’s rated voltage range from 4V to 25V. These products ensure 20,000 hours of operation at 105°C, boasting the highest standard for endurance in the industry.

Overview and Development Background

The company points out that conductive polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors feature superior equivalent series resistance (ESR) characteristics at high frequencies and have excellent allowable ripple currents.

Demand for long-life products in IoT and 5G that can reduce the frequency of maintenance for communication infrastructure equipment is high.

Along with advancements in higher-speed and higher-capacity communication, connection of multiple mobile terminals, and energy savings, Nichicon says its customers have increasingly asked for capacitors with higher voltage capabilities. In response, Nichicon extended its line to also include variants rated for 20V and 25V.

Nichicon enhanced the technology to deliver higher voltage capability for its conductive polymer aluminum solid electrolytic capacitors. The company says that it also further optimized the use of raw materials and material design. As a result, these products help reduce the frequency of equipment maintenance. They can be used in various applications and can be used for a long time.

Main Specifications

Note: Figures in parentheses indicate expanded ratings.

  • Rated voltage range: 4V to 25V DC (20V, 25V)
  • Rated capacitance range: 12µF to 2,700µF (12µF to 180µF)
  • Category temperature range: -55℃ to 105℃
  • Product dimensions: φ5×6L to φ10×12.7L (mm) (7 sizes)

    (φ6.3×6L to φ10×12.7L)

  • Life: 20,000 hours guaranteed at 105℃
  • Terminal shape: Chip type
  • Samples: From April 2019
  • Mass production: From April 2019

    [Planned production volume: 1 million/month]

  • Production plant: Nichicon (Ohno) Corporation,

    Site II Factory

    4-24-15 Tsuchifugo, Ono, Fukui Prefecture

    (ISO 9001, IATF 16949, and ISO 14001 certified)

Nichicon Corp.
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