2.5kW Ultra-Compact HB LLC Self-Leakage Resonant Transformer

Magnetica has introduced the series 2358 half-bridge LLC topology resonant transformer, designed to achieve high performance in terms of weight / volume versus power transferred, secondary side rectification is performed by a synchronous rectification to achieve the highest efficiency.

Typical applications include mobility, drones, high-efficiency dc-dc converter, electrical skateboards, portable electrical equipment, and so on.

Electrical performance

  • Topology half-bridge primary side, double resonant capacitor, synchronous rectification secondary side
  • Output Power up to 2.5kW
  • Output current up to 100Adc
  • Efficiency up to 97%
  • Output voltage range from 12- to 80-Vdc
  • Operative temperature range -40 to +85 °C (derating can be applied depending on the output voltage)
  • Thermal sensor NTC inserted into the primary windings connected on primary side pins
  • High CFM ratings fan connected on primary side pins

Physical dimensions

  • Overall dimensions 61x64mm height 75mm
  • Weight < 300g
  • Mechanical fixing 4x self-tapping screw 3mm
  • Recommended PCB hole for air flux 50x35mm
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