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1U / 1800W / 48V Front End for PoE and ATCA Applications

Tectrol Europe announce the availability of their TFE-1800-48 1800W, 48Vdc output front end power supply designed in a sub-1U horizontal package for integration into a Tectrol power shelf or other end-user system. The power supply includes secondary isolation from chassis >1500Vrms with output adjustable to 54Vdc for PoE (Power over Ethernet) requirements and is suitable for ATCA (Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture) applications. This high reliability power supply features universal ac input, active power factor correction and I2C Interface for advanced status and control functions.

The Tectrol TFE-1800-48 offers a footprint of just 1.60" x 4.00" x 11.00" (40.64 x 101.60 x 279.40mm), provides full power output of 1800W over the range 180-264Vac and 1000W over the range 90-180Vac and offers high efficiency of 85% minimum at 90Vac.

Key features include full hot swap and blind-mate capability, N+1operation for high reliability deployments, droop share, enhanced I2C command, control and monitoring, a single "combined" connector, >1500Vrms Secondary isolation for PoE and ATCA applications and optional fan speed control (FSC).

The TFE-1800-48 front end power supply features overload protection limited to 120% overload followed by latching shutdown after 2s. Over voltage protection on main output is 60V maximum, standby 110-120% of nominal and over temperature protection shut down in the event of operation in excessive temperature or blocked or failed airflow (with self-recovery).

The Tectrol TFE-1800-48 power supply features comprehensive status and control functions including an I2C interface with SCL 100KHz clock rate, SDA data line, remote enable "active low" enables main output, last-Mate/first-break enable pin, remote sense on main output. Status signals are provided for AC OK, DC OK and over temperature OK and power supply present. LED Indicators show AC OK, DC OK and over temperature.

The operating temperature range of the Tectrol TFE-1800-48 is 0 to 55 degrees C, full load, no de-rating and cooling is provided by an integral high performance 38mm fan with air inlet at the face and exhaust at connector. Calculated reliability to Telecordia SR332 is >500Khrs; 40 degrees C, full load. The Tectrol TFE-1800-48 meets international safety standards including cTUVus EN60950-1 (pending), CE Mark (LVD) and emission standards EN55022 Class A, FCC 15 Sub Part J, Class A, VCCI Class 2

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