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+150 C Rated SMT Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

NIC Components announced the addition of ultra-high temperature, +150 degrees C rated, NSPE-J series of surface-mount aluminum electrolytic capacitors, to its growing family of hybrid construction capacitors. NSPE-J series is produced at TS-16949 certified site, and meets the requirements of AEC-Q200, the passive components test standard for automotive grade components. NSPE-J series is rated for use over operating wide temperature range of -40 to +150 degrees C and is supported in capacitance values from 100uF to 330uF with ±20% (M) tolerance, and voltage ratings of 25Vdc & 35Vdc.

Hybrid (liquid and solid polymer) capacitor construction provides advantage of self-healing, high surge voltage resistance, stability with applied voltage and open mode wear-out, as compared to solid construction capacitors. Supplied in 8×10.5mm, 10×10.5mm and 10×12.5mm case sizes (DØ x H) on tape for high speed automated pick and placement.

Hybrid construction capacitors incorporate the best elements of both solid polymer and liquid electrolyte construction to provide ultra-low ESR, high ripple current ratings, with low leakage current and superior stability over voltage and temperature.

NSPE-J series meets PB-Free reflow conditions, up to +260 degrees C, and is RoHS Compliant without exemptions, halogen free and REACH SVHC 169 compliant. With +150 degrees C maximum temperature rating the NSPE-J series is suited for use in applications where long lifetime at higher operating temperatures is required, such as automotive powertrain, industrial equipment and enterprise level networking systems.

NSPE-J series features include: 24,000 hours estimated lifetime at +105 C; Best performance aspects polymer & liquid constructions; Stable ESR and Z over temperature; Low ESR & high ripple current ratings; Reduce the number of components used; Reduce PCB size – costs and component placement costs; and Low leakage current, upgrade over solid polymer type.

NIC Components Corp.
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