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140 × 140 × 38 mm High-Performance Long Life Fans

Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd. has developed and launched the San Ace 140L 9LG type 140 × 140 × 38 mm long life fan. This fan features the longest service life as well as the highest airflow and static pressure in the industry, it weighs about 640 g.

It is suitable for cooling communications equipment, industrial inverters, fuel cells, and digital signage, and the like. This fan achieves an expected life as long as 180,000 hours, which is 1.8 times that of the current model.

This fan delivers a maximum airflow of 8.0 m3/min and maximum static pressure of 516 Pa. Compared with the current model, the maximum airflow has been increased to 1.7 times and maximum static pressure has been increased to 5.2 times.

Power consumption has been reduced by approximately 18% compared with the current model. The pwm control function enables the external control of fan speed, contributing to the lower noise and higher energy efficiency of devices.

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Sanyo Denki Co., Ltd.
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