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1250 Farad High-Temperature Ultracapacitors

Ioxus, Inc. has redefined high-temperature energy storage capacity with its 1250 F cells with Titan™ technology. Featuring best in class stability, endurance and cycleability, Ioxus’ Titan™ technology meets one of the key requirements that automotive customers have had for over a decade to comfortably use ultracapacitors; a system with a wider operating range that meets both cold and high temperature standards.

"Ioxus' newest line of cells, designed with novel chemistry solutions for this market, function properly at temperature ranges of -40 to 85 degrees C, and deliver 2.7 volts at these temperatures compared to Maxwell's DuraBlue technology, which cannot survive under the same conditions, despite their operating range claims," said Dr. George Lane, PhD, Director of Research for Ioxus. "Maxwell underperforms at 65 degrees C when compared to Titan at 80 degrees C, which has lower equivalent series resistance (ESR) and capacitance fade, higher initial capacitance, and far lower leakage current than Maxwell

"This 85 degrees C performance benchmark required us to make significant advances in the fundamental science behind ultracapacitor performance. Titan encompasses the fields of electrochemistry, surface chemistry and physical chemistry, just to name a few. Our innovations have allowed us to achieve one of the biggest technological advances in ultracapacitor technology since commercialization," Lane concluded.

"We're all extremely proud to be introducing Ioxus' Titan technology to the ultracapacitor market," said Chad Hall, VP of Marketing and Product Management, Ioxus. "These patent pending high temperature cells are a game-changer for the market and far exceed the capabilities currently offered by our competitors. Titan offers unprecedented electrochemistry stability to optimize the performance in dynamic, high duty cycle applications such as automotive, rail, harbor cranes, hybrid buses, as well as construction and heavy machinery apps. The Titan line of products is designed to provide customers with the confidence that choosing Ioxus will ensure their products will be durable and high performing even in the most demanding environments."

Ioxus Inc.
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