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120W Eighth-Brick DC-DC Converters for Railway and Industrial Systems

The IRE-Q12 Series of isolated dc-dc converters from Murata feature a single 120W isolated output, from an input voltage range of 9- to 36-Vdc in a fully enclosed package with industry standard eighth-brick package and footprint. Two base plate options are available, one for minimal board space consumption, the other flanged, slotted for mechanical fixing to a heatsink surface. Positive or Negative Logic On/Off control is also available.

The IRE-Q12 Series is designed for applications in the railway, industrial and transportation systems, designed to accept input from 12V or 24V nominal battery voltages. The IRE output can be trimmed +/-10% while delivering fast settling times to transient step loads and demonstrates no adverse effects from higher capacitive loads.

The IRE incorporates all relevant self-protection features including under-voltage lockout, current limit, short circuit protection and over temperature shutdown.


  • High efficiency synchronous forward topology
  • 9- to 36-Vdc input range
  • 5/12/24 V, up to 120 W total output power
  • Industry standard 1/8 brick format & pinout
  • Temperature range -40 to 85°C
  • UL/EN 60950-1 safety approvals, EN50155 compliant


  • Extensive self-protection features, including over-temperature shutdown
  • Small footprint is ideal for high current applications
  • High isolation between Input & Output, meets AREMA® requirement – safety rated for typical Rail applications
  • Standard and Flanged baseplate options allow for flexible mounting options to improve thermal management
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