120A / 650V GaN Power Transistor Can Double Power Conversion Density

GaN Systems today made public the 120A, 650V GaN E-HEMT, extending its leadership with the industry’s most powerful line of high performance GaN transistors. Power levels continue to rise creating the need for higher operating current. The numerous advantages of GaN can be applied to much higher power levels today in the automotive, industrial, and renewable energy industries.

This pioneering product will be showcased at the upcoming Applied Power Electronics Conference & Exposition (APEC) in San Antonio, Texas on March 4-8, 2018 in Booth #1041.

Gan Systems’ 120A, 650V GaN E-HEMT increases the power density of 20- to 500-kW power conversion systems, including automotive traction inverters, very high power on-board chargers (OBC), large-scale energy storage systems, and industrial motor drives.

This transistor, with twice the current capability of GaN Systems’ highest rated current part, allows customers to effectively double the power processing for the same volume.

The product (GS-065-120-1-D), sold as a die to customers building modules, is the lowest RDS(on), highest current 650V GaN HEMT in the power semiconductor industry. Modules are an important form factor in high power electronics constituting up to 40 percent of the market based on form factor. Customers will use this die product in half-bridge, full-bridge, and six pack module topologies to create enhanced, high-power designs.

“This is the most pivotal GaN product on the market to be optimized for modules and is compatible with both embedded and traditional module technology,” stated Jim Witham, CEO of GaN Systems. “As an extension of our flagship product, it encompasses all the benefits of GaN technology and our approach to GaN power transistors – ease of use, high power density, and high efficiency – enabling power systems that are smaller in size and lower cost with unprecedented power levels.”

GaN Systems Inc.
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