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1200V / 800A Module with Mixed Neutral-Point Clamped Topology

Vincotech has announced that the VINcoMNPC X4 – featuring a mixed neutral-point clamped topology – provides now up to 800A with IGBT M7. The module is suitable for solar and UPS applications up to 250kW. It has a 134.8 mm x 129.2 mm footprint.

The VINcoMNPC X4 comes with a Kelvin Emitter for improved switching performance and includes an integrated temperature sensor. It is designed for easy paralleling, low turn-off losses, and its switching has been optimized to minimize electromagnetic compatibility issues.

Housed in a low-inductive package, this mixed neutral-point clamped module’s superior design comes  with many benefits, including connections are optimized for three-level topologies simplifying the busbar design.

The symmetrical layout of the VINcoMNPC X4 module serves to share current uniformly and distribute temperature evenly to extend component life. The outstanding power density and efficiency enables more compact designs.


  • Low inductive high-power package
  • Symmetrical layout for better current sharing
  • New IGBT M7 with low VCEsat
  • Extended output power and increased power density
  • Available up to 800 A
  • For inverter designs up to 250 kW
  • Three-Level Mixed Voltage Neutral Point Clamped Topology (T-Type)
  • Kelvin Emitter for improved switching performance
  • Temperature sensor

VINcoMNPC X4 schematic

Main Benefits

  • 33% higher power density compared to previous generation
  • Low inductive – high power package enhances three-level topologies’ benefits and reduces design effort
  • Fully symmetrical layouts for better current distribution and higher reliability
  • Now available with phase-change thermal interface material
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