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10:1 Ultra-Wide Input DC-DC Modules for Railway Applications

P-DUKE has released a new 1/4 brick dc-dc series products. It can provide 60W output power and compliance EN50155 railway standard. The QAE60W series dc-dc converters have a ultra wide input range either 9- to 75-Vdc or 16- 160-Vdc, making them suitable for use railway systems in many countries.

These potted dc-dc converters can be cooled by conducting cooling via base plate or installing specified heatsink. They have an operating temperature range (baseplate) of -40 to +105 degrees C. The QAE60W series can meet EN55011 and EN55032, Class A and Class B with external components.

Available output voltages include 5-, 12-, 15-, 24-, 28-, 48-, and 53-Vdc. Output voltage is adjustable for 10% trim up or -20% trim down of nominal output voltage by connecting an external resistor between the Trim pin and either the +Sense or -Sense pins.

These converters feature 3kVac isolation and are up to 92% efficient. Remote on/off is standard and these dc-dc converters have no minimum load requirement. Standby input current is 20mA or less at no load. Protection features include:

  • Over-current protection (hiccup mode)
  • Over-voltage protection (hiccup mode)
  • Over-temperature protection
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Under-voltage protection
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