Artificial Intelligence

1000A 16-Phase Digital PWM Multiphase Voltage Regulator

Infineon Technologies AG extended its portfolio of high current system chipset solutions with what the company describes as the industry’s first 16-phase digital PWM multiphase controller, the XDPE132G5C (see image above).

Target applications for PWM multiphase controller include AMD SVI2 GPU and CPU processors, NVIDIA GPU processors, high-performance ASIC processors with AVSBus, and high-performance Ethernet switching and routing ASSPs.

As CPU current requirements increase to enable next-generation AI and networking workloads, dc-dc voltage regulators need to deliver more than 500A to the load. With a true 16-phase digital PWM engine and an enhanced transient algorithm, the XDPE132G5C controller addresses these high-phase count requirements. The true active current sharing between phases enables a reliable, compact and cost-saving design. Furthermore, the design eliminates the need for extra logic doubler ICs frequently utilized in today’s high phase count markets.

The company notes that leading edge ASIC’s and FPGA’s in communication systems are requesting Vout control of less than 1mV steps. This precision is inherent in the XDPE132G5C, offering fine Vout setting in 0.625mV increments.

In addition, it supports communication market auto-restart requirements with options to reduce remote site maintenance following power or system glitches.

The XDPE132G5C is packaged in a 7mm x 7mm, 56-pin QFN to accommodate 16 phases. It employs a fully digital and programmable load line and is PMBus 1.3/AVS compliant delivering a comprehensive suite of telemetry features.

Coupled with TDA21475, which the company claims to be the industry’s most thermally efficient integrated current sense power stage, the XDPE132G5C controller can efficiently deliver over 1000A.

The 70A-rated TDA21475 power stage, housed in a 5mm x 6mm package, provides efficiency of more than 95 percent. The exposed top significantly reduces the Rth(j-top) from 19°C/W in the over-molded package to 1.6°C/W. This thermal performance improvement translates to more efficient heat removal from the top of the package, resulting in excellent VR power density and optimal VR phase count and footprint.

To further maximize the capability of the CPU/ASIC, the TDA21475 also offers smart over-current and over-voltage protection and delivers accurate temperature and current information to the XDPE132G5C controller.

Key Features and Benefits of XDPE132G5C
  • 16-phase single or up to 8+8 dual-loop configurable PWM controller
  • Phase fault protection flag with auto-compensation
  • Telemetry registers with real-time monitoring
  • Cycle-by-cycle phase current limit
  • Analog “IMON” for output current reporting
  • 200kHz to 2MHz switching frequency per phase
  • PB-free, halogen-free, RoHS
  • Adaptive Transient Algorithm (ATA) minimizes output bulk capacitors and system costs
  • High efficiency