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Probes Claim Best CMRR, Widest Differential-Voltage Range, and 1% Gain Accuracy

Teledyne LeCroy today introduces its HVD3000A series of high-voltage differential probes—the 1-kV safety-rated HVD310xA, the 2-kV safety-rated HVD3206A and the 6-kV safety-rated HVD3605A. These probes cement Teledyne LeCroy’s leadership in the fast-growing power-electronics market by delivering the highest common-mode rejection ratios (CMRRs) over a broad frequency range.

These new probes serve the complete spectrum of power-electronics applications while providing 1% gain accuracy, a differential-voltage range of up to 1500V (dc + peak ac), and high offset ranges.

Two new capabilities make the HVD3000A probes worthy successors to the original HVD3000 probes. All HVD3000A probes perform auto-zero functionality without having to first remove the probes from the device under test, ensuring that high-voltage testing will be both consistent and efficient. I

n addition, the HVD3000A probes automatically detect overloads of both differential- and common-mode input, notifying users of any overload condition through the oscilloscopes’ user interfaces (overload thresholds vary with probe models).

6-kV HVD3605A

The HVD3605A is safety-rated for 8485V (dc + peak ac) and 6000VRMS for full test coverage of 5-kV-class, three-phase electrical apparatus and power electronics. This probe delivers the industry’s widest differential-voltage range of 7000V (dc + peak ac) with a 7600V maximum measurable differential voltage before amplifier saturation, and an industry-best offset range (up to 6000V) along with 100MHz of bandwidth. The HVD3605A is the only probe that permits probing of ac Line, dc bus, and drive/inverter output voltages at apparatus ratings up to 4160V.

2-kV HVD3206A

The HVD3206A is the world’s only safety-rated 2000V (dc + peak ac) and 1500Vdc CAT III probe per the IEC/EN 61010-031:2015 standard. It is the industry’s only probe addressing solar PV string-inverter requirements for 1500Vdc inputs, which will become common in utility-scale string inverters due to economies of scale (more PV modules on each string) and lower installed cost. The HVD3206A has the same excellent 1% gain accuracy and a 2000VPK differential-voltage range, 120MHz of bandwidth, and the same industry-leading CMRR performance as the 1kV safety-rated HVD3106A probe.

1-kV HVD310xA

Serving the full 600V-class requirement for three-phase electrical apparatus, high-voltage dc-dc converters, and 120V/240V half-bridge circuit topologies, the HVD310xA probes come in bandwidths of 25-, 80-, and 120-MHz. These probes  offer a 1500V differential range with an industry-best overshoot capability of 2000VPK and industry-best offset capability of 1500V (when used with Teledyne LeCroy’s HDO Series oscilloscopes).

All HVD3000A series probes connect to the oscilloscope through the ProBus interface, which brings power and communications to the probe so there is no need for a separate power supply or batteries. Attenuation is automatically selected based on oscilloscope gain range (V/div) setting.

The HVD3102A (1kV, 25MHz), HVD3106A (1kV, 120MHz), HVD3206A (2kV, 120MHz) and the HVD3605A (6kV, 100MHz) sell for US list prices of $1,535, $1,865, $2,195, and $3,430, respectively. Some probes are offered in “no-accessory” versions at lower entry-level prices, and some are offered in 6-meter-cable versions.

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