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1.5A Synchronous Step-Down Micro DC-DC features Integrated Inductor

The XCL213/214 series is a high-speed transient response 1.5A synchronous step-down micro dc-dc converter has been introduced by Torex Semiconductor. The device features an integrated inductor, fits in a miniature 2.5mm x 3.2mm x 1mm USP-9B01 package and needs only two capacitors connected externally to generate a stable power supply. HiSAT-COT, Torex’s Constant ON Time architecture gives the XCL213/214 fast load transient response performance in comparison to standard dc-dc solutions as well as achieving low output voltage ripple. With the integrated Inductor, the new devices are designed to minimize EMC emissions and radiated noise, whilst maximizing efficiency.

The XCL213/214 operates with a 3MHz switching frequency. The XCL213 series offers PWM control, whereas the XCL214 series applies automatic PWM/PFM switching control, providing fast response, low ripple, low current consumption (25uA, typical) and high efficiency over the full range of output loads (from light load to heavy load). The operating voltage range is from 2.7V to 5.5V and the output voltage is internally set in a range from 0.8V to 3.6V in increments of 0.05V.

The XCL213/214 series include a 0.3ms high speed soft-start function for quick turn-on, a chip enable pin to turn the IC on and off and a CL discharge function to quickly discharge the output capacitor when the IC is turned off. A thermal shutdown circuit is also built in which shuts down the IC when the chip's temperature reaches 150 degrees C and re-starts it when the temperature drops to 120 degrees C.

Other features include: a built-in under-voltage lock out (UVLO) circuit with a threshold is 2V; an operating ambient temperature range from -40 to +105 degrees C; and these dc-dc converters are compatible with a ceramic capacitor of size 1005. The XCL213/214 will stop operating when the input voltage decreases below this threshold, and will resume normal operation when the input voltage rises above the threshold.

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