Batteries and Portable Power

0.4A & 0.7A Step‐Down 0.7mm-High DC-DCs with Integrated Coil

Torex Semiconductor Ltd. has launched mass production of the XCL223/224 synchronous buck "micro dc-dc" converter. The XCL223/XCL224 series are ultra‐small (external dimensions: 2.25mm x 1.5mm x 0.75mm-high) step‐down micro dc-dc converters with an integrated coil and control IC.

Minimum operating voltage is 2.5V and maximum operating temperature is 105°C. These converters achieve the world's smallest class of miniaturization and height reduction among output types with an output current of 0.4A or 0.7A.

A power circuit can be created by simply adding two ceramic capacitors, contributing to conservation of board space and shortening of development time. In addition, an internal coil simplifies the board layout and makes it possible to minimize unwanted radiation noise and circuit operation trouble.

The operating voltage range is 2.5V to 5.5V, and 0.8 to 3.6V can be selected for the output voltage in steps of 0.05V (accuracy ±2.0%). The switching frequency is 3.0MHz, and either pwm control (XCL223) or pwm/pfm auto switching control (XCL224) can be selected for the control method. An ambient operating temperature from ‐ 40 up to +105 degrees C can be supported.

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The XCL223/XCL224 series uses HiSAT‐COT, and is well-suited for optical cables that are required to have a fast transient response, small PC peripheral devices, and portable or digital devices that incorporate a CPU.

Features of the XCL223/XCL224 series:

  • Achieves the world's smallest class of coil‐integrated, step‐down dc-dc converters in the output current 0.4A / 0.7A class
  • HiSAT‐COT control is used for a fast transient response.
  • Can be used for applications such as optical devices, portable devices, and digital devices.
  • High efficiency (90%: 4.2V⇒3V, at 300mA)
  • Operation temperature range of ‐40 to +105 degrees C
  • Reduced PCB mounting space by miniaturization