Small Footprint, Hermetic 43A, 700V GaN FETs with Internal CuW Heat Sink

Solid State Devices Inc., (SSDI) has expanded its line of hermetic, high voltage GaN power FETs with the SGF43E70-28. This 43A, 700V device is available in the LCC28 surface mount package, which has the smallest footprint (0.458in x 0.458in max) and lowest profile (0.095in max) for hermetic, high voltage GaN FETs. The LCC28 package has an internal CuW heat sink which can be soldered to an external heat sink for better thermal management.

SSDI’s high voltage GaN power FETs can be used for a broad range of applications including high-efficiency motor controllers and dc-dc/PoL converters.

The SGF43E70-28 features a low RDS(on) typical of 39mΩ (@ 30A) and low QG typical of 24nC (@ 32A). With its low figure of merit (RDS(on) x QG), low conduction losses, and low cross-over losses.

SSDI says that these devices can achieve faster switching and higher efficiency in a smaller package compared to conventional silicon MOSFETs. SSDI’s high voltage GaN products from 700V to 1000V are cascode devices bringing together a GaN HEMT and a low voltage silicon MOSFET driver for superior performance.

Advantages Compared to Si
  • Wider bandwidth
  • Extremely low reverse recovery charge (QRR)
  • Low gate charge (QG)
  • Low drain to source on state resistance (RDS(ON))
  • Low-temperature coefficient
  • Benefits for Circuit Designer
  • Higher efficiency
  • Fast switching speed
  • Low cross-over losses
  • Lower on state losses
  • Eliminates need to add a free-wheeling diode

While low voltage, non-hermetic GaN devices are readily available for commercial applications, SSDI specializes in high density, hermetic solutions for high power / high voltage aerospace and defense applications.

Solid State Devices, Inc.
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