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XP Power extends offering of Open-Frame AC-DC Supplies up to 250 Watts

XP Power plc today announced the addition of a 250-Watt range to its GCS series of high-efficiency single-output ac-dc power supplies. Certified to both industrial and medical international safety standards, and comprising 150, 180, and now 250 Watt models, the GCS series is available in multiple mechanical formats. Ensuring the range is suitable for multiple applications, the GCS series is available in an industry standard 3 x 5 inch (127 x 76.2 mm) open-frame package, an enclosed covered version, and top or end-mounted fan cover options.

The open frame format allows the GCS250 to deliver up to 180 Watts by convection cooling, and the full 250 Watts when provided with only 7 CFM airflow or when using the optional fan mounted configurations. With both Class I and Class II input construction techniques used, designers can opt to use an input earth scheme or not. These power supplies feature typically efficiencies up to 93%, and are available with outputs covering all the popular nominal voltages from +12 to +48 Vdc. A secondary 12 Vdc / 0.6 A fan supply is also a standard feature, with remote on/off being available as an option.

Suiting a wide range of application environments, the GCS250 can operate over the extended temperature range of 40 to + 70 degrees C with no derating until +50 degrees C. The supplies operate from a wide input range of 85-264 Vac, with full power available from 90 Vac and higher.

No additional EMC filtering components are required since the GCS series meets Class B conducted and Class A radiated criteria as stipulated by the internationally recognized standards of EN55011 and EN55022. Also, the units comply with the 3rd edition medical safety standards EN60601-1, ANSI/AAMI ES60601-1, CSA22.2 No 60601-1, and the IT equipment safety standard UL/EN 60950-1. Suitable for use in any '1U' equipment, the GCS250 is suitable for a multitude of applications within the industrial and healthcare markets. The GCS250 series is priced at $81.90 for 500 pcs orders.

XP Power plc
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