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XP Power 350W AC-DC Power Supply Adds Enclosed Fan Cooled Models

XP Power announced additions to its MFA350 ac-dc power supply product line-up that are aimed at industrial applications. The new 350W compact models, which can be specified with either screw terminals or molex, are fully enclosed and offer two internally mounted fan cooled variants. The top mounted fan model (-TF) measures just 6.8 x 3.33 x 2.0 inches (172.2 x 84.5 x 50.8 mm) and has a power density of up to 8W per cubic inch.

An end mounted fan unit (-EF) is also available and measures 8.2 x 3.33 x 1.75 inches (208.2 x 84.5 x 44.4 mm). With the fan being internally mounted on both models, the dimensions quoted indicate the total space required making them suitable for space-constrained applications where there is no airflow. In addition to the fan cooled models, the MFA350 also offers a convection cooled U bracket and hot swappable versions.

The MFA350 delivers up to 364 W from an input range of 85 264Vac and is available in 12, 24 or 48Vdc single output versions. A 48Vdc input model, DFA350, is also available. An output trim function provides the ability to set the output voltage ± 10% of the nominal value. The resonant topology design techniques employed in the units contribute to them being highly efficient; typically 86%.

The MFA350 includes a 5V, 0.3A standby supply and offers a fully featured signal set including AC fail, DC OK, remote on/off, active current sharing, and remote sense. A 12V, 1A fan supply is also available for the convection cooled units. The units will function at full power from -10 to +50°C, and will operate at up to +70°C with derating. The MFA350 conforms to all major international safety and EMC specifications including Class B conducted for which no additional external filtering components are required.

The MFA350 is priced at $226.20 for OEM quantities of either the TF or EF models.

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