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Wireless Power Receiver IC Supports 5W Quick Charging

Toshiba Corporation today announced the launch of TC7763WBG, a wireless power receiver IC for mobile equipment that is compatible with the Qi standard defined by the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC). This includes smartphones and mobile accessories. The IC realizes a charging time equivalent to charging with a cable. Key features include: maximum 5-Watt output power; 95% maximum power conversion efficiency; integrates protocol authentication circuit for power transfers; and supports foreign object detection (FOD) functions.

Wireless charging allows adoption of an insulated case free of exposed charging ports, an advantage of that is stimulating demand for waterproof portable products, such as smartphones and wireless video game controllers. High power transmission is also required for wireless chargers to reduce charging time. The TC7763WBG adopts optimized circuit design to increase maximum output power to 5 Watts, comparable with a cable, enhancing applicability.

Applications are expected to include mobile equipment, such as smartphones, mobile accessories, and wireless game controllers. It is delivered in a WCSP28 package. It has compatible pin assignments with the existing TC7761WBG, which supports maximum 3.5 Watts, allowing replacement without any need to change PCB design. Mass production shipments start immediately.

Toshiba Corp.
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