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Wire-wound Surface-mount Inductors for Automotive Applications

Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has introduced the LQH43PB_26 Series of highly reliable 1812 (4.5×3.2mm) size wire-wound power inductors for automotive information devices. These inductors can be used in an ambient temperature of 105 degrees C and are offered with inductances from 1.0 to 220µH. Applications are expected to include a variety of automotive systems such as power converters for digital devices in passenger compartments including car navigation systems and car audio systems. Current ratings range from 220mA to 2300mA.

Compared with common consumer electronics including mobile phones, etc., highly reliable specifications are demanded for inductors and other components in digital devices for automobiles, such as car navigation systems and car audio systems. The conventional product could only be used in 85 degrees C environments. In order to satisfy the reliability demands required for automotive information devices, Murata commercialized an 1812-size wire-wound power inductor that can be used in environments of 125 degrees C.

For example, the newest model LQH43PB4R7M26# (# is the package code) has an inductance of 47µH (±20%), a maximum dc resistance of 0.075 Ohms (±20%), a current rating of 1,600mA (Based on a temperature of 85 degrees C), and has an operating temperature range of -40 to 105 degrees C (Self-temperature rise is not included).

Murata Manufacturing Co. Ltd.
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