Winday Electronic Unveils PPI Series Capacitors

Winday Electronic Ind. Co. Ltd. (Dongguan, China) announced its new PPI Series of plastic film capacitors, which feature a polypropylene film dielectric, epoxy resin coating and tinned copper wire leads, and exhibits >50 gigaohms insulation resistance, enabling the device to withstand up to 1.5 times its rated voltage.

The capacitors are available in capacitance values of 100pF to 0.1µF with ±5 percent, ±10 percent or ±20 percent tolerance and 50Vdc or 100Vdc voltage ratings. They have a dissipation factor of <0.001 at 25 degrees C, 1kHz. The new capacitors are available in packages ranging from 6mm x 3.5mm x 11mm to 9mm x 7mm x 13mm.

Winday Electronic Ind. Co. Ltd.
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