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Vox Claims World’s Smallest 1200-Watt Configurable Power Supply

Vox Power Ltd. has released the NEVO+1200 series of Medical and Industrial configurable power supplies to production. Packaged in a 6 x 6 Inch profile, the Nevo+1200 series delivers in excess of 22 Watts per cubic Inch. The NEVO+1200 Series features a primary side remote on/off feature and will deliver the full 1200 Watts of output power for all input line voltages at or above 120Vac. The NEVO+1200 series carry 3rdEdition Medical and 2nd Edition ITE approvals which is unique to Vox Power. This extension of the Nevo product power range will enable our existing global customers benefit further from the minimum size, maximum power strategy of Vox Power.

The Nevo+1200 Series have 8 output module slots and accept the same output modules as the exiting Nevo+600 Series product. The output modules are numbered O/P 1 through O/P 7 and deliver single output voltages from 1.5V to 58V and dual output options are available with O/P's 5, 6 and 7. Each 1200 Watt system consists of an input module together with up to eight isolated output modules. All NEVO products are produced in our India manufacturing facility which has received numerous Quality and Manufacturing awards from noted bodies such as Dun & Bradstreet, Elcina and Frost & Sullivan.

"Utilizing the technology and intellectual property we have developed in the NEVO+600 series to also develop the NEVO+1200 series, we are able to address a much wider range of applications destined for the global market. Initial feedback and strong sample demand is a clear indication that Vox Power has again anticipated market demand and delivered the enhanced NEVO+1200 series at the right time" said Marco Prinsloo, MD of Vox Power.

Vox Power Ltd.
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