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Vicor Intros New PFC MegaPAC

Vicor Corp.'s Westcor Division (Sunnyvale, CA) introduced its new PFC MegaPAC that uses the double-wide, heat-sinked FinPAC to provide up to 600W from two MegaPAC slots. Current generation products can provide up to 400W from a master/booster combination, while one FinPAC can provide up to 600W in the same space, according to Westcor. The eight-slot PFC MegaPAC can provide 48Vdc at 2400W from 220Vac input by using four FinPACs. The PFC MegaPAC is a power factor corrected, configurable supply, featuring up to 16 outputs. The unit measures 3.4" x 6.0" x 11.9". One-piece pricing for a 2.4kW PFC MegaPAC with four FinPACs starts at $1,870.

Vicor Corp.
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