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VIASPACE Fuel Cartridge Powers Samsung Direct Methanol Fuel Cell For Military Applications

VIASPACE Inc. announced that Samsung Corp. has revealed its new military-grade fuel cell powered by a methanol fuel cartridge developed and delivered by VIASPACE.

Samsung also revealed that it has completed fuel cell performance tests for 72 hour operation with the U.S. Army’s CERDEC (Communication Electronics Research and Development Engineering Center). Plans for mass production include fuel cells not only for military applications but expanding the platform to include mobile electronics, like notebook computers, and industrial equipment.

VIASPACE Chief Executive Carl Kukkonen remarked, "We’re pleased with Samsung’s success and are continuing to work closely with their research and development staffs as they take further steps toward commercial production for both the military and consumer markets."

The fuel cartridge was developed by VIASPACE’s fuel cell subsidiary, Direct Methanol Fuel Cell Corp. (DMFCC), under a contract with Samsung. Using VIASPACE’s fuel cartridge full of liquid methanol, the fuel cell is said to efficiently convert the methanol into electrical energy without burning. Samsung states that its military direct methanol fuel cell (DMFC) system produces the same energy as batteries two to three times its weight at a cost-per-kilowatt-hour 50% to almost 98% lower than batteries. Samsung’s fuel cell may be operated in any orientation, a key requirement for military applications.

Kukkonen added, "Our clean energy business is focused on designing and manufacturing disposable fuel cartridges that supply methanol for fuel cells, which we feel will become a major source of power for electronic devices such as notebook computers and cell phones. Since a notebook computer powered by a fuel cell is projected to use approximately 100 fuel cartridges during its lifetime, we see our partnerships with Samsung and other companies as opportunities to develop a substantial base of recurring revenues."

Viaspace , Samsung Corp.
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