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Value-Oriented Low-Power Products for Global Renewable Energy Applications

OutBack Power today announced the introduction of SmartHarvest by OutBack Power, a new series of products engineered to deliver optimum renewable energy harvesting with exceptional value and simplicity, and one designed to bring OutBack performance to a broader range of international users whose need for electricity can be met most cleanly and economically through renewable energy sources. SmartHarvest by OutBack Power delivers renewable energy power electronics aimed at meeting growing global demand for value-oriented, low power-range, quality renewable energy system components for applications where maximum energy harvesting efficiency is essential. SmartHarvest Energy’s debut will focus on two product categories critical to PV/solar system designers and installers: maximum power-point tracking (MPPT) charge controllers and inverter/chargers.

SmartHarvest's first charge controller (model SCC-20-100 MPPT) is suited for moderately powered panel installations and incorporates new fast MPPT technology originally pioneered by OutBack Power in its legendary FLEXmax line. The SmartHarvest integrated power inverter/charger, charge controller SPCU 1024 is an extremely innovative product combining a 1 kW inverter, a battery charger and an MPPT charge controller in a single precision chassis. It is an ideal building block for entry-level solar power systems that incorporate energy storage for unreliable or nonexistent grids.

The initial three SmartHarvest products will be joined by additional models in the coming months, including a second charge controller, model MPPT SCCM10-75, for lower-powered applications requiring maximum harvesting efficiency, and two pulse-width modulation (PWM) charge controllers, models SCCP10-05- and SCCP05-050, for small systems in areas with consistent solar conditions where economical PWM technology represents the best system investment.

"SmartHarvest by OutBack Power will make more affordable solar energy possible for an extremely wide range of international residential and commercial users," said OutBack Power General Manager Harvey Wilkinson. "It extends our mix of CE-certified products specifically designed for use in smaller sized off-grid and grid-tied renewable energy applications, and provides system solutions based on OutBack's brand DNA, proven in some of the most demanding renewable energy installations."

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