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Valere Power Unveils 1RU Mini DC Power System

Valere Power Inc. (Richardson, TX), a maker of power systems for the wireless and broadband sections of the telecommunications industry, announced its Mini DC Power System, a high-power and modular ac-dc power system that fits in a one rack-unit (1RU – 1.6 in)-high package. The Mini DC Power System is based on Valere's new H-Series rectifier, which utilizes Valere's patented 92% efficient power conversion technology.

The Mini DC Power System is designed for applications where power concentration is high and space is constrained, such as Voice over Internet Protocol, Power-over-Ethernet, blade-based server or router farms, metropolitan Ethernet, customer premise routing, or remote-terminal deployed broadband services. It delivers from 10 A to 160 A of current, and cuts by half the rack space needed for this power level.

The Mini DC Power System is configured for front-to-back airflow and supports 12 V, 24 V and 48 V output voltages, and power levels from 500 W to 2,000 W to respond to the different needs of telecom and enterprise equipment configurations. The Mini DC Power System is now available.

Valere Power Inc.
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